Will the Republican party win the White House?

Will the Republican party win the White House?

Chance: 98%.

Will the Republican party win the White House?

This contract has expired.

If this prediction comes true, PredictIt will redeem all Yes shares at $1. Shares in No will have zero value. If this prediction does not come true, PredictIt will redeem all No shares at $1. Shares in Yes will have zero value.

Market Type: Linked
Start Date: 01/05/2015
End Date: 01/31/2017 11:59 PM (ET)
Shares Traded: 6,069,061
Today's Volume: 63,527
Total Shares: 0
Today's Change: NC

The winner of the 2016 general presidential election shall be the nominee of the party identified in the question.

This Market may close prior to the End Date, if/when PredictIt determines the above criteria have been met. Should there remain any ambiguity about the outcome of the election at the End Date, PredictIt reserves the right to extend the End Date or to postpone settlement until such ambiguity is resolved.

Date/Time (ET) Type Shares Price Profit/Loss Fees Risk Adj. Credit/Debit

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