Who will win the 2017 House of Representatives special election in Georgia's 6th District?

Who will win the 2017 House of Representatives special election in Georgia's 6th District?

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The winner of the 2017 special election for Representative in Congress from Georgia's 6th District shall be the candidate identified in the question. The winning candidate may be elected by winning an outright majority in the primary election, a subsequent runoff, or any other means by which such candidate becomes the Representative-elect for Georgia's 6th District in a 2017 special election. PredictIt may determine how and when to settle the market based on all information available to PredictIt at the relevant time.

Should there be no such election in 2017, all questions in this Market will resolve as No.

PredictIt reserves the right to wait for further official, party, judicial or other relevant announcements, reports or decisions to resolve any ambiguity or uncertainty before the market is settled. Markets may stay open or incur a delay in settlement well past the date of the contest in certain circumstances. If there is any change to an event, or any situation arises, that is not in PredictIt’s view addressed adequately by the market rules, PredictIt will decide the fairest and most appropriate course of action.

PredictIt’s decisions and determinations under this rule shall be at PredictIt’s sole discretion and shall be final.

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