Will Theresa May be prime minister of the United Kingdom at year-end?

Will May be UK PM on 12/31?

Current Market
Yes 97¢ NC
No 3¢ NC
Will Pope Francis vacate papacy by year-end?

Pope vacate papacy by year-end?

Current Market
Yes 1¢ NC
No 99¢ NC
Will the United Kingdom officially exit the European Union by March 29?

Official Brexit by March 29?

Current Market
Yes 42¢ NC
No 58¢ NC
Which of these 5 European leaders will leave office next?

Next European leader out?

Top Predictions
67¢ 6¢
17¢ NC
Who will be the next U.K. Conservative Party leader?

Next UK Conservative leader?

Top Predictions
23¢ NC
17¢ NC
Who will succeed Draghi as ECB president?

Next ECB president?

Top Predictions
57¢ NC
18¢ NC
Will early elections be held in the U.K. by Mar. 29?

UK early elections by 3/29?

Current Market
Yes 22¢ 3¢
No 78¢ 3¢
Who will be prime minister of Spain at the end of 2018?

Spanish PM on 12/31?

Top Predictions
99¢ NC
de Santamaría
5¢ NC